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A word from my wife

My wife is going to occasionally post on here.  She thought, and I agree, that having a viewpoint of the procedure from a spouse’s point of view might be helpful.

This blog was originally put together by me so I would have my weight loss commitment out in the open, holding me to my goals.  This is still one of my goals however after experiencing how easy this has been, I want to offer my experience as a testimony to the value of the surgery.

The following was written by my wonderful wife, Margi:

Hi! This is Margi, Wayne’s “better half”! =) I asked him if I could contribute to his blog and he kindly said I could! I felt like I had some things to add here-and especially wanted to tell this story from a different perspective.

When Wayne first told me about wanting to do this, I was so scared. I knew he’d been struggling with his weight for awhile and he had tried every diet one could imagine. But this was a surgery and I was terrified that something could go wrong! My fear was really doing a number on me, and I knew it was not rational thinking, but the thought of something happening to Wayne was just too much to bear. But he was so excited about this, and he was so prepared and well informed, I tried to push those feelings aside.

We arrived at the center where his surgery was taking place and were greeted so warmly by the staff! Wayne went in for prep around 7:30am and by 8 am or so, I could go back and hang out with him until it was time for his surgery. The man who had done the prep was a wealth of information! He’d had the procedure himself, so he was giving us all kinds of tips. That really helped! By 8:30am, they wheeled Wayne into the OR. At 9:45, the Doctor came out and said that everything was great and it was a textbook procedure! He showed me the photos of Wayne’s stomach (on the inside! Ok, queasy time!) and told me exactly what he’d done and that in an hour or so, Wayne would be ready for me to go in and see him. I was relieved, to say the least! And the Doctor-I really appreciated that he was so warm, and he explained things to me in a way that I understood, instead of overwhelming me with medical terms.

11am-I was allowed to go back into the recovery room and see Wayne! I couldn’t believe how alert he appeared! He was a little loopy; because I was teasing him about having an orange tummy and how they’d turned him into an Ooompa Loompa, and he didn’t get it…he just smiled. (Later that night he laughed about it….guess it takes awhile for the anesthetic to wear off! Haha) Anyway! That was when we met Jake, who came in to monitor Wayne. Jake was amazing, giving us all sorts of info on what to expect-like why he might have some pain from the gas they used and what kind of foods he’d be eating in the next week or so. I just felt like I learned so much from Jake, and I didn’t feel so nervous or scared anymore! Jake said when Wayne could tolerate ice chips and a popsicle, and then he could get up and walk. Holy cow! Wayne was up and walking by 1pm! I got to go with him to see his upper GI-that was cool! You could see the barium go right down, past the band and into the bigger part of his stomach. Everything was perfect! I thought Wayne would want to take a break and rest, but nope! I should never underestimate him!!! He was walking up and down the hallways like nothing had happened! By 2pm, with all of the information we needed, we were out the door! Wayne was fine! Except for being a bit more tired that evening, you would never know he’d had surgery!


I can NOT believe how great Wayne is doing! I keep asking him if he needs his pain meds and he keeps saying, “Honey, I honestly don’t have any pain!” I’d tell him, “don’t be a hero…it’s ok to take a little something if you need it!” and he just hasn’t needed it! He even walked around at the store this afternoon….all around the store! Amazing.


I kept thinking all weekend that SURELY Wayne will experience some sort of side effect-pain or nausea or being cranky! NOTHING!! I just can’t believe how easy this has been for him!! I’d ask him, “does it bother you to smell something really good and tasty?” and he said it didn’t! He wasn’t really hungry, either. It was weird! And it’s a whole new way of life for me, and for us. We both used to be such comfort foodies!! Wayne is drinking a lot of broth and eating sugar free popsicles and he isn’t cranky or anything! He says he’s going back to work tomorrow. I think he should take another day or two, or even work half days this week. We’ll see what happens!


Wayne work a half day? Ha! He come a little after 5pm and said it felt good to get back to his regular routine! He’s eating blended soups now and took some cream of potato to eat for lunch.


Wayne has had a wonderful week! He’s been eating pureed foods since yesterday. 2 nights this week, I had class and so he was on his own for dinner-when I got home, I was so surprised that he had already made his own soups! He even made his lunch for the next day! Last night, we went to the Topeka Steak House with Chris and Dawn. It was our first time going out to a restaurant. I was skeptical that there would be anything he could eat-and nervous that this might be really hard for him. I mean, all of the delicious smells would be a challenge for anyone trying to eat right! He had a baked potato with some gravy on the side and was satisfied! Yay! We CAN go out to eat! That’s something we really enjoyed before his surgery. I was wondering if that was something we would have to forego for a looong time and now I know we can still enjoy that together!

Friday night-

I am stunned!! I have been wanting popcorn with butter all week long…but I didn’t want to do that to Wayne. It’s one of his favorite snacks and I just knew that the smell would be too good to resist for him.  WRONG again!! I’m watching TV and in comes Wayne with a bowl of popcorn he’d made for me! First of all, he’s the sweetest husband! And secondly, he didn’t even have the cravings for it! Shock! I tell ya, this surgery was the best thing that he ever decided to do!

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