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Tomorrow’s the day

Tomorrow I receive my first fill.  This past week I was allowed to eat a normal diet.  I had ribs, a hamburger with a bun, Chinese food, fish and other favorites, even a few deserts.

So far my body has not had a problem handling any food I have eaten, even popcorn.  The cravings have returned, probably due to the carbs in some of the things I have been eating.  I have done a fairly good job on keeping them in check.

I have kept my portions under control and have used this week to help train myself to chew, chew, chew.  I still need to work on taking smaller bites.  When I don’t, it makes it a lot harder and takes what seems like forever to chew with a full mouth.

I was told this past month isn’t about weight loss.  I can understand why this wasn’t the focus.  Even though I believe I have loss weight, my focus has been on adjusting to the change and exploring all of the resources available through the Weight Loss Surgical Center and on the internet.

I went with the Realize Adjustable Gastric Band and they have a great program called the REALIZE mySUCCESS  program.  Once I have my fill I will be using it on a regular basis.

I am ready for my fill and anxious to reach this part of my journey.

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