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I had my checkup yesterday and while I didn’t lose any weight I lost inches.  Mitch said I have hit a plateau and to hang in there.  I am not disappointed by any means.  The band keeps on working.

My pouch is in excellent shape, as is my restriction.  Eating the protein first is so important to my success.  I also need to do a better job counting calories.


My Port

I thought I might describe my port and how it feels.  It is located right below the center of my rib cage.  I  can feel it, especially since I have lost weight.  Normally, I don’t even know it is there.  It feels about the size of a quarter.

I have been concentrating on eating something high in protein early every the morning.  This has helped keep my appetite satisfied.  I have done exceptionally well from when I wake up until around 7:00 pm, then the cravings kick in.  The band keeps me from over eating.  I just need to watch my calories closer.


I’ve noticed the success of the adjustable gastric band industry has started spawning off-shoot products that claim to work on a similar principle.

One product basically swells up in your stomach and is supposed to make you feel full.  There are other similar products I have seen advertised.

My only thought is even if they work, it is only a temporary fit to a life long problem.  One great benefit of the band is knowing I don’t have to deal with anymore fad type diets.

8th Month Anniversary…….

I am approaching my eight month banding anniversary.  I have been reflecting back on the experience of not only how it has improved the quality of my life, but life prior to the band.

At 57 years of age I had pretty well resigned myself to being heavy and living with it.  Things like seat belt extensions on airplanes, not being able to sit in a booth at a restaurant and my body joints hurting from the additional weight were only a few of the things  I had learned to deal with.

I had two friends who had tremendous success with the lap band and I started checking into the procedure.  The Weight Loss Surgical Center in Overland Park caught my attention.  Actually it was one of their ads mentioning the Topeka Mall location.  I did my research and decided they were my best choice.

When I decided to go for it, I really decided to go for it full speed.  I knew I had had enough and wanted a better quality life.

I have found the procedure for me has been a miracle.  I could have probably gone on a diet and hung it out for 20 or 30 pounds, however by now I would have put it back on along with an additional 5 or 10 extra pounds.

I still have to work on losing the weight.  The band doesn’t do it without my help, however the band keeps me on the straight and narrow path.  If I try to wander, it has a subtle way of reaching out and letting me know I have had enough.  Sometimes it like to wrestle and I know I am not going to win, so I let it win.  In the end we are both winners.

Things that help me…

I have a couple of tips which I have found helpful.  The first is holding off drinking a lot of liquids before you eat.  It seems to ease the restriction and I don’t feel as full.  Also, you don’t want to drink anything for about 30 minutes after you eat as it will speed up emptying  your pouch.

When I wake up in the morning I have what I would consider “sweet spot” restriction.  Even drinking water I can tell I am tight and it is a great feeling.

The other tip is always try to eat your protein first.  My band works so much better when I work it that way.   It feels like it helps block the opening and it takes longer for the food to pass.  I feel full a lot longer.

My #$@# computer

I was proof reading my new post and my computer decided to update and turned itself off after updating.  It fired itself right back up however I lost my post and now I have to go to work.

I’ll try to rewrite the post later tonight.

Looking back….

One year ago today I weighed approximately 74 pounds more than I weigh today.  I turned 58 years old a few hours ago.

Every year, for the past 20 or 30 years, I  would decide to lose weight and start a diet on my birthday; same with New Year’s Eve.  I rationalized it out by telling myself this would be a great way to keep track of when I started my diet.  I  was very sincere when I started each diet and after a few weeks (or months in some cases) I would quit and tell myself I’ll do better next time.

Life was good and why have the stress of the diet.  My eating habits were deeply entrenched and dieting was taking up to much of my time.  I knew the consequences however the health problems seemed to creep into my life so slowly it didn’t seem like that big a deal.   My gall bladder, type two diabetes and sleep apnea were just a few of the problems I developed.

Fortunately, the diabetes is gone and I am working on the sleep apnea.  I had my gall bladder removed several years ago after a huge Christmas meal sent me to the hospital.

I believe people who have a weight problem and read this post can probably identify with what I am posting.

I had my Realize Band procedure in February and it has kept my weight loss in check.  It has helped me stay on track.  I am looking forward to many, many more birthdays.

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