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Things that help me…

I have a couple of tips which I have found helpful.  The first is holding off drinking a lot of liquids before you eat.  It seems to ease the restriction and I don’t feel as full.  Also, you don’t want to drink anything for about 30 minutes after you eat as it will speed up emptying  your pouch.

When I wake up in the morning I have what I would consider “sweet spot” restriction.  Even drinking water I can tell I am tight and it is a great feeling.

The other tip is always try to eat your protein first.  My band works so much better when I work it that way.   It feels like it helps block the opening and it takes longer for the food to pass.  I feel full a lot longer.


My #$@# computer

I was proof reading my new post and my computer decided to update and turned itself off after updating.  It fired itself right back up however I lost my post and now I have to go to work.

I’ll try to rewrite the post later tonight.

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