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New Year

I’ve been  thinking about my New Year’s resolutions.  I  bookmarked a blog a young lady started on New Year’s day a year ago so I could track her progress.  It was about losing weight and her goals.  She was very sincere and determined.

I could completely identify with her feelings as I had made similar resolutions in years past.  I’ve been there, done that, and have the weight to prove it, well, some of it anyway.

I watched her blog and by the end of January she basically gave up.  She listed her reasons for giving in and seemed resigned to wait until next year.   In April, 2010, she posted her last post (the only one after January 30th) saying she still wanted to lose weight however her stress level at home was high and she was going to try to get back on track.

I checked this morning to see if she posted a new resolution and there is nothing new on her blog.  I hope she is doing well  and eventually finds a system that works for her.

There are also blogs out on the net that have successful weight loss stories.  Everyone has to find the method that works for them.  The band has been my answer.

I was addicted to food and the feelings that came with it.  The bigger I got the more I was disgusted with myself and the only cure was more food. It was a vicious circle.  I didn’t really realize hows big I had grown until I saw a picture of myself.  That picture is posted on this blog and as my desktop picture on my laptop.

I still have a long road a head however the Realize Band has put me in the driver’s seat.  This will be the first year in many years that I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution.  I am completely comfortable with the direction I am heading.

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