I just returned from my monthly checkup.  I’ve lost 5 pounds since my last checkup in December.

I thought I would post today about what a checkup consists of.

After you hit your “sweet spot” on restriction, the monthly checkup simply consists of weighing in, blood pressure, temperature, measuring inches and checking the band.  Checking the band simply involves drinking a little barium and watching it flow through the band.

Mitch always asks questions related to how I feel, answers any questions I have, and then I am on my way.  I never feel rushed.

Since next month will mark one year since I had my procedure, I will start doing quarterly checkups and then  next year it will simply be when I feel the need.

I’ll miss seeing my “family” at the Weight Loss Surgical Center on a regular basis.  Those of you that have the band will understand what I am saying.  Life goes on.


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